Monday, 31 October 2011

New 7" x 7" in progress...

Third layer of paint on this little 7" x 7" Friesian painting today, should be able to get it finished in the next sitting I think, although will need to wait several days for it to be dry enough to work on again as some of the pigments I used mixing the black are very slow drying ones!

Lots of smallish canvases being prepped in my studio at the moment, nice to have lots of projects on the go!

Speaking of little projects, my current mini painting auction finishes tomorrow evening- click here to visit auction. The painting is pictured below.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Artists & Illustrators Magazine Website Feature!

Really excited to be featured on Artists & Illustrators website at the moment! You can see the little article here.

In other news... I have a 7" x 5" mini oil painting study on eBay at the moment (pictured below, auction here), currently on about £31 and finishing on Tuesday evening (GMT). Can't wait to get started on the original it was in preparation for, busy sanding and priming a beautiful Harris Moore bespoke canvas for it this week. Planning to do another time lapse video of it's creation so expect some more info and probably tonnes of tedious work in progress updates about that soon!

Finally, I'm off to the flagship Derby House store in Wrightington tomorrow for the day, showcasing my work and painting with fellow members of the Association of Animal Artists (who have a new page on Facebook by the way- If you are in the area then please pop in and see us, Derby House have lots of great offers on for their Autumn Store Event this weekend, have a wonderful falconry display, a mechanical horse and allsorts!

Monday, 10 October 2011

NEW Limited Edition Print- 'Sunlit'

I'm thrilled to have a new limited edition print on offer from this week! You can now order prints of my 2011 painting 'Sunlit'(pictured above) on my website here!

On my Facebook page I'm actually doing a prize draw for a copy of the print, you can find the details over there at

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Finished the charity building block for Masham Art Festival!

Finished! Had such fun with this! On the 21st October this block, and all the others being decorated by others will go on sale for just £25 each (bargain!!) at the Masham Art Festival, with all proceeds going to Shelter.

If you are interested in purchasing it you can find details about the festival on the website here-

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Charity Building Block Nearly Finished!

Nearly finished! A few photos of the blocks different sides, and one for scale too. Teeny! Another few adjustments once dry and it will be done I think!some more information about the project here-

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Equestrian Exhibition

Just 4 more days left to see The Society of Equestrian Artists exhibition at Sally Mitchell Fine Arts Ltd gallery in Tuxford, Notts; it finishes on the 8th October!

Lots of wonderful equestrian art on display, including my painting 'Lancashire Mounted Branch' :-)

First paint on the little wooden block

Prepared the wooden block to take oil paint over the weekend and put the first bit of paint on it yesterday... soooo tiny! I think the horse is about 4cm tall. He'll be tied up and then another horse will be looking out of the stable door.

Really not sure my hands are steady enough to do a great job at this minute scale but I'm having fun trying and it's for charity so I shall just keep my fingers crossed as I keep going!! :-D

Think it will probably be dry enough to get a bit more done today...