Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Painting in Progress, Day 4

Another 2 hours on this today, 7 hours in total so far. Have to admit, I didn't really enjoy working on it today... perhaps the slow enormousness of the painting having been focusing on quick life studies this last week? Updated the time lapse video, it is below!

Today I worked on strengthening the darks, and then the highlights. Went over the lot with a big soft brush afterwards to remove any brush marks, soften it all up, and leave a nice smooth surface. Should be a good basis for the next layer I hope. Still a very long way to go, a small image on a computer screen always makes large paintings look much neater and more finished than they really are!

This photo of it was taken from one of the time lapse shots as my camera run out of battery just as I stopped painting, hence the brush creeping in the shot!