Thursday, 5 April 2012

Chestnut Arab In Progress

The Easter holidays make getting much painting done difficult, with both children home all day! I have managed to commandeer the kitchen table though and get a surprising amount of work done on this new 12" x 12" painting. I have been glazing in very very thin layers of paint which has meant I can grab a few minutes on it here and there- it is drying so quickly because of the thin layers so I'm managing to build it up in little sittings a few times a day. Handy! This is the smoothest canvas I think I have ever used, I sanded it completely smooth ages ago for a rose painting that I never got on with- it's absolutely perfect for this technique. I have only used a couple of colours in it so far, hoping this evening it will be dry enough to start glazing with some more interesting pigments once the children are in bed!

Pleased with it so far, such a pretty horse! It's based on a photograph I took at an arab show back in 2009, not disimilar to the pose in another painting I did, 'Arabian Filly'... I think I prefer this one though. Funny how over time you see something in a photograph that you skipped by perviously.

I think it has about 5 layers of paint on so far, haven't photographed them all but you can see a few below...