Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Beswick Horse No.8 (of 30)

Beswick Horse No.8

Been a real struggle to get much painting done over the last few weeks. My husband is working away and both my young children have been ill, the sleepness nights and relentlessness of it all have taken their toll a bit!

Finally we all seem to be back on form! Got Beswick Horse No.8 done today and despite thinking that it was going to end up being rubbish most of the way through, I'm rather pleased with it compared to my previous attempts. I am definitely finding that the 'drawing' side of the still life painting is coming more easily to me now, but find getting colours and tones right very tricky. Onwards and upwards! 

Looking forward to a full weekend workshop painting real live horses in a few weeks, hoping I see the difference having worked on this project; how I would LOVE to develop my skills to the point where I might be able to paint a real horse from life and be proud of the end result! One day!