Sunday, 17 May 2009

'Washing Down'

Another new painting based on my Badminton photos! This one is based on the many many MANY (100s!) of photos I took of horses being washed down and cooled off after their XC rounds. It was fascinating watching teams of grooms, vets, riders and owners tend to their beautiful but exhausted horses. I hope to include lots of bits from all my best photos of water splashing over horses' backs but the main photos I am working from are of the gelding Muschamp Impala, who stood so beautifully being washed down that I think I ended up with about 70 or so photos of him!

The photo of my progress so far on this painting is a good example of why I can find the first few layers of my paintings a little disheartening! So far this looks like my one year old could have painted it... I have the base of the background in, have blocked in some colour on the grooms and have roughly sketched some of the main shadows on the horse. I'm working to a tight exhibition entry deadline so I'm hoping it starts to come together after a few more layers! Fingers crossed!