Friday, 14 May 2010

Another beach polo painting on the go...

Decided to treat myself to painting an image I have wanted to paint since I photographed some polo on the beach in January. Promised myself I wouldn't do any more headshots as original paintings as they can be tough to sell, but I'm making an exception for this little chap!

I think the lovely light and the challenge of that spotty winter coat are what appeal to me, and as an added challenge I'm going to paint it in black and white... or at least a mixture of french ultramarine and burnt umber used with titanium white.

Today is the third day of work on it, so far I have roughly sketched in the coat, marking out spots and the direction of the hair, added some detail to the face, glazed some shadows over the top, and blocked in the background. Was hoping to get the background done alla prima but I was overworking it so I'll need to go back to it later.

Really enjoying it!