Thursday, 3 February 2011

Big Friesian again...

Everything has pretty much ground to a halt here after I had pretty big abdominal surgery last week- not fun! Felt well enough to do some more on the large Friesian yesterday so above is an update. Still much to do, the mane is a layer behind the rest, and I need to make a start on the hooves and shadows too. As usual I am really struggling with a title... maybe 'In Passing'?

My recovery is expected to be quite long (not easy with 2 children under 3!) but sitting at an easel is a fairly quiet activity so while my husband is off work looking after me I might actually be more productive than I expected! No commissions on the go though; it's nice to pick up a paintbrush when I fancy and I'm not sure my concentration levels are up to the careful scrutiny needed to do someone else's precious horse justice yet!