Friday, 13 May 2011

Made a start on 'November Morning'...

Been a bit quiet as busy on commissioned paintings at the moment, thoroughly enjoying them!

Above is a start on my next original which I'm grabbing an hour here and there to work on when my other stuff is too wet to work on. I think it 16" x 12", so quite small for me! Just blocking in the first layer of paint over the canvas so far, which I painted a dark grey to begin with. I did a little study of this in preparation which I was pleased with so I'm hoping this turned out as well as I hope!

Finding the key to this one is not letting my eyes play tricks... for example my eyes tell me the grey horses are a grey/white colour- but in actual fact, compared to a pure white piece of paper they are a very dark blue/grey! I mix the paint feeling sceptical but once it is on the canvas it looks just right!

It's based on photographs I took of the The Zetland Hunt last November.