Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Limited Edition Prints

I had a great day at Sally Mitchell Fine Arts yesterday having my new prints produced. It's a bit of a trek from here but quality is incredibly important to me so it is always well worth the trip!

This enormous machine is the key to the wonderful print quality. It's a Cruse Flatbed Fine Art Scanner and really is the ultimate in fine art scanning- it faithfully captures every single tiny detail and eliminates the kind of warping and glare issues associated with trying to photograph paintings. There are only a handful of these available for use worldwide so I feel lucky to have one within a drivable distance, it really is a remarkable machine.

Once the scanner has done it's job it is then onto the proofing process; samples of the image are printed and the colours carefully tweaked to ensure that the image coming out of the giclee printer is as faithful to the original painting as possible. It can take several attempts but perseverance always pays off as the end results are just fantastic.

After being so thrilled with my first few prints I was a bit worried that my expectations would be a bit high this time but I wasn't disappointed, I am so so proud of my new prints and incredibly grateful to John at Sally Mitchell Fine Arts for the brilliant job he has done on them.

Can't wait to share photographs of all the new prints with you, will have to sit down and get some photos taken over the next few days. Also need to update my website as I ended up getting a 4th painting produced in print too! Busy enjoying having family to stay this weekend so might have to wait a day or two :-)