Monday, 7 November 2011

'In the Shadows' in progress, Day 2.

Back to this today, just a quick 30 mins spent putting another layer of paint over the lot! Some paynes grey over the top of the background and a mixture of various colours over the horse (I love paynes grey). From this layer onwards I use Michael Hardings medium No. 1 to slacken off the paint- it was recommended to me by one of my favourite artists, Michael Miller, and really is wonderful to work with. Michael Harding oil paints are fantastic too, not cheap, but worth the money; I am very slowly building my collection of them! Oil paints can be incredibly expensive...

So, now I have my underpainting just as I want it- a nice, brushmark-free set of guidelines to paint over. Looks a mess but that's fine as I just need to see what needs to go where :-)