Friday, 4 November 2011

'In the Shadows' in progress, Day 1.

Finally away with this one! Took ages to get the canvas as I wanted it- much gesso and sanding and oil priming and then a thin stain of raw umber as a base. I seem to spend SO long prepping my canvases but it is time well spent as having a surface that suits my way of working makes life so much easier when painting!

This first (rather scary looking) layer of paint is just blocking out what goes where really- light, and dark. Rough and sketchy thin layers of oil paint (slackened off slightly with a bit of artists white spirit) being careful not to leave raised brush marks. Bad photo, was painting right next to the window as the light was awful- good old rainy British weather!

Will be documenting the progress of this one in tedious detail on here!

My camera was linked to my laptop and clicking away every 10 seconds as I painted, hoping to produce another time lapse video of this one.