Sunday, 24 February 2013

First horse life painting of 2013- bit rusty!

Managed these this week, first attempt at life painting horses this year! Still a bit cold to be sat outside with an easel but nice to get back to it. Apart from the biggest sketch where the horse was tied up but busy prancing about (excuses excuses haha!) these horses were turned out in a big field so even more difficult than usual to capture! Rubbish sketches but such great practice trying to work quickly and trying to use more colour to describe light, shadows, form.

I am hoping to dedicate a fair bit of time to life painting practice like this over the next few months, more than usual! It is probably the type of painting I enjoy the most, and I'd really like to improve a bit more before I spend a whole week away with the Society of Equestrian Artists in June painting horses day in day out (can't wait!). Hoping to sharpen up my skills and really get the most out of the week and the excellent tuition on offer.

I'm looking forward to the week ahead, working on two really interesting commissions both of which are right up my street, I have a couple of mornings riding planned too. Loving being back in the saddle!


  1. Ooohh you are very brave to paint outside at the moment. Don't think the temperature has been above freezing here on the Kent Coast for ages.

    My lovely old mare was PTS in November at age 26. I miss her/riding but don't plan to get back into the saddle but hope you enjoy your morning rides.

  2. It was during the slightly milder spell we had but yes, very cold!! Really sorry to hear about your mare Sue. I sold my last horse 4.5 years ago, when my eldest was about 6 months old- just couldn't juggle it all! Didn't so much as sit on a horse until last autumn and now, once again, I can't get enough :) x