Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Snowy Scene, Work in Progress...

I have attempted several snowy scenes in the last couple of years but never managed to produce one I was happy with, they have all either ended up in the bin or overpainted! Determined to crack it this year as I'd love to have my own Christmas cards printed in 2013. This is my current attempt, so far!

The pony and foreground are only roughly blocked in so far but I think the background is pretty much done. There are lots of purples and greens in the trees which seem to get lost completely in the photograph, think this one will need professional scanning if it turns out ok- cameras just can't seem to cope with subtle detail AND areas of strong plain contrasting colour/tone.

Looking forward to it drying so that I can carry on with it. Below is a shot of it last week, two more layers of paint have gone on the trees since. The colours are a lot truer in the older photo!