Friday, 2 July 2010

'The Diva'

Another little ebay painting! 7" x 5" oil on canvas board. You can find the auction on ebay here, 1p start and no reserve. Think I might live to regret putting this on one but nevermind! The oainting is of Louisa Lockwood and The Diva warming up for the dressage phase of Bramham Horse Trials last month. Have very much been enjoying these little paintings!

SEA pre-selection results arrived in my in-box this week, of my 6 entries 2 recieved 'yes' votes ('Winter Beach Polo' and 'Wandering') so I shall be taking them both down to London later in the month to be passed in front of the selection panel. Fingers crossed! In previous years Friends of the Society (of which I am one) were permitted just 3 entries, it was changed to 6 this year (although a maximum of 3 paintings could still actually be hung)- I'm so glad it changed and that I took advantage of it as had I submitted just 3 I would not have entered the only ones that the panel liked, I preferred my other entries! I understand that there were a great deal more entries this year compared with last so I am very pleased indeed to get 2 past this stage.