Friday, 23 July 2010

A start made...

This blog has been very neglected as late, I think because I have shifted more towards using my Facebook page to post updates on my work this place has become a bit redundant! Rather than duplicate things I'll probably continue to use the blog, but mainly to keep a track of works in progress.

Speaking of which, I have made a start on the 30" x 30" canvas! No time lapse video though... I ordered a gadget to enable my camera to take photos automatically at intervals but it didn't arrive and I then worked out I hadn't put the order through correctly and I am too keen to get going with the painting to wait now!

So far I have gessoed and sanded the canvas until eggshell smooth, applied a wash of raw sienna/ titanium white/ burnt umber, transferred the drawing onto the canvas over the top and then picked out main highlights and darks. My main aim at this stage is to protect the drawing really so that I can glaze over it without covering it completely and losing the work so far.

The horse looks huge... going to be a long project I think!