Thursday, 8 July 2010

New time lapse video project

A few of you might remember that back in February, I created a time lapse video of 'Winter Beach Polo' being created (you can see it on YouTube here if you missed it). All of a sudden I have the urge to paint something big again, specifically a big version of mini painting 'The Diva'.

I really want to push myself with this painting, and produce something in a different league to my previous work, so figure I might as well set the tripod up and record the process as I find it quite interesting to watch and other people seem to too!

The big, white, empty 30" x 30" canvas looks a bit daunting at the moment (esp after working on several postcard-sized works recently!)! I want to paint this in very fine detail, so to help me do that the canvas will now have many layers of gesso applied, sanded between each layer until the canvas is eggshell smooth- then I can get to work!

The ebay auction of the postcard sized version of the painting finishes this evening, you can view it and bid on it here.