Saturday, 1 January 2011

365-2011 painting a day project

Today I made a start on my goal to paint an oil sketch every single day of 2011, to improve my observation skills, paint handling, to loosen me up a little, and to basically learn lots by pushing myself right out of my comfort zone! I usually paint carefully with tiny brushes and string out my paintings for weeks so using BIG brushes painting alla prima at speed is throwing myself right in the deep end!

The rules that I have set myself are simple:

1. Each painting may take absolutely no longer than 30 minutes.
2. 1 painting to be produced every day in 2011.
3. Paintings are to be from life wherever possible
4. The end result really doesn't matter, it's the process that matters!

Have decided that I'd rather store all the paintings online in an album rather than a blog, to make them easier to look through, so I have set up a Flickr album here. If you ever need a good giggle then by all means stop by and see how I'm doing hahaha!

Happy New Year!