Saturday, 8 January 2011

Day 8...

I'm over a week into my 365-2011 painting project and so far I have managed a painting every day and enjoyed it! On a less positive note though, turns out I am RUBBISH at painting like this- fast, and from life!

Some of my efforts (actually, most) so far have been truly embarrassing but I have been true to my word and gone straight in with the paint, no drawing, and stopped when my half hour timer buzzer goes off... in some ways I am pleased I'm so dreadful as it will make the journey all the more interesting and I'm sure I must improve after a whole year of doing it? Plus, I really do think my usual work will benefit, even if I do approach it in an almost completely opposite way! The above is my third attempt at a little pony figurine I have had since my childhood. If you want a laugh just visit my 365-2011 Flickr album to see my other attempts at it, not to mention other crimes against art!

My next big original is all drawn out over a plain blue background so hoping to get that started tomorrow, can't wait!