Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 3 of 'Mounted Branch' in progress.

Top picture is where I am up to so far today, pictures below are a few shots from yesterday (earliest photo at the bottom). Hope to get some more done on it later in the day if I can fit it in with commissioned work I need to focus on. I'm enjoying the lighter evenings- much easier to see what I am doing during my daily post-childrens-bedtime painting slot!

So far I am just building up the underpainting really, using burnt umber mixed with french ultramarine for the darks and titanium white for the lights. Once I have established the main areas of light/dark I am glazing over it all in burnt umber and repeating the process. Later on today I'll glaze it again and then decide whether to do it for a third time or start with some more detail over the top.

I recently bought some little foam rollers to try which I used to gesso this canvas- I absolutely love the surface they have created- super smooth after lots of sanding but not as 'slippy' as my usual finished surface. Much, much quicker than using a brush too and dead easy to clean up after- recommend!