Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Exhibition News

Yarm Originals are holding an exhibition on the 15th November between 12:00pm and 4:00pm at the Parkmore Hotel, Yarm. I am looking forward to exhibiting some of my original work available for sale there but my presence will depend slightly on my unborn child who is due 5 days later! Work from a variety of local artists and photographers will be on sale, for further information please contact Janice Foley at enquiries@yarmoriginals.com

The Society of Equestrian Artists
Newmarket Exhibition takes place from the 1st of October through to the 17th October at Palace House. In addition to 'Rocket Science' which will be appearing there, I have also submitted a further two paintings pictured above which will have to go through the selection process there next weekend- 'Arabian Filly', and 'Cooling Off'. Unfortunately I am a bit too weeble-like to make the 8hr round trip to Newmarket from here to attend the handing in day so Parcelforce are delivering my work to fellow artist Stephanie Greaves who has very kindly offered to sort things out for me at that end. I nervously await to hear that my paintings have arrived safely after spending a long time packaging them amongst much polystyrene and bubble wrap this morning! Please keep your fingers crossed that both Steph and I successfully get some of our work past the judging panel and into the exhibition!