Monday, 19 April 2010

Finally some paint on canvas...

I have had a fairly unproductive few weeks painting wise, courtesy of a teething baby! Poor Henry has not been happy at all and clingy babies really aren't conducive to painting, especially not when they insist on only sleeping on your lap during the day, and you paint with solvents, and also have a (nearly) 2 year old! Thankfully he is back to his usual cheerful self now so it's back to work (until next time).

As luck would have it I had kept my painting time completely free of commissioned work this month, in order to ensure I had time to complete my entries for the Society of Equestrian Artists Annual Exhibition so it hasn't been too stressful! Having managed to get plenty of original work done this year I do have several paintings to choose from but standards are going to be even higher than usual this year and competition even tougher so I'm still going to try and produce one more potential entry- just started a new original, above. Back to the Dales ponies, and based on photos I took last month. 24" x 18" oil on linen.

I also have a commissioned 8" x 8" mini painting on the go which is just about to have a base layer of paint applied. After a few weeks of doing nothing it feels great to get some paint on canvas again!

The dutch auction of 'Dark Horse' continues on my website... down to £210 at the moment and will drop under £200 this Friday. Further details available on my site. Had a few e-mails from international buyers enquiring about shipping costs so hopefully it will sell soon.

Whilst I haven't been able to paint much I have been on a few excursions with my camera, you can see the photos on my Facebook Page, link to the right >>

Not much else to report other than the fact I am VERY excited about Badminton XC day!!!!