Wednesday, 28 April 2010

More on the new Dales painting...

My internet supplier has randomly cut a load of it's customers off whilst changing servers over or something and we are one of the lucky households affected! I miss it, and feel so cut off! Posting this courtesy of another weak wifi signal my laptop seems to pick up now and again.

Typically bad timing as I had several items on ebay finishing, AND it is the last few days of Sally Martin's 100 paintings which I have been following avidly. Not to mention the fact I waste way too much time on Facebook generally! I'm not very happy :(

Anyway, it has been another quiet week or so on the painting front but have managed to get a few more layers on the new Dales painting (above), and the little commission. Pleased with both of them so far. I don't think my heart was really in the Dales painting for the first few layers, which is perhaps why I have not been all that productive (along with teething babies and sleepless nights!), but all of a sudden it seems to be coming together so I have regained my enthusiasm for it! Rubbish photo of it above which makes it look much 'flatter' than it is...about halfway through now I think; just roughed in the background so next stage will be to tidy up the ponies where green paint has gone over them (esp the mare's mane) and then get to work with my tiny brush working on all that hair in the fluffy coats. Would be nice to end up with one more painting to enter for the SEA exhibition, the deadline for which is just around the corner now, so fingers crossed this one turns out well!

Really looking forward to attending Badminton XC day on Sunday! Sally Lancaster and I will be there with friends, armed with our cameras! We will definitely be popping into the British Horse Society stand while we are there, to see how the Drawing the Line campaign is going. We have both donated paintings to be auctioned for the cause; you might be able to see them if you are there as a selection of donated artwork is going to be on display.

The dutch auction of 'Dark Horse' rumbles on... it is now down from the starting price of £260 to £190, will drop to £170 on Friday...