Thursday, 11 June 2009

SEA Pre-Selection Results!

I have recieved my pre-selection results from the Society of Equestrian Artists! I am over the moon that one of my paintings has been deemed worth taking along to the judging panel at the Mall Galleries London in July!

'Acquiescence' did well in the scoring, 'Rocket Science' had a mixed response, while 'Washing Down' wasn't thought to be quite at the required standard. I plan to take Acquiescence to London and will probably take Rocket Science too to try my luck with it, figure I have nothing to lose!

Of course, a positive response at pre-selection does not mean the work will be accepted into the exhibition but the results have really encouraged me and put a huge smile on my face. I have only been painting for 18 months now so to have feedback that some of my work is potentially good enough to be hung with some of the best in the country is such a boost.

I'm very grateful to Ann and Helen Heffron who kindly allowed me to work from some of their beautiful photographs to create the paintings.