Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Young Arab Finished

I have decided to call it a day on this one before I spoil it! It is so much softer and looser in style than my usual work, I think if I tried to add the nitty gritty detail it will lose some of it's character and atmosphere. I have titled it 'Arabian Innocence'.

I was quite pleased with it until my unhorsey husband pointed out that it's back leg looks like it has been deformed, twisted, broken and is now dangling awkwardly... quickly following the comment up with "...but it looks exactly like the photos so that's fine." Great, thank you for your input B. LOL!

I'm in the process of gessoing and sanding the canvas I plan to use for my attempt at a grisaille. It's slow progress, I'm on about the 5th layer of gesso now and I think after another few sanded layers I should have a beautiful surface smooth enough to paint the finest of details on. Can't wait to get started!