Monday, 1 June 2009

Summer is here!

What a beautiful sunny start to June! Today marks the deadline that I have been working towards with my original work so far this year- it is the closing date for the Society of Equestrian Artists Annual Exhibition. Months of morning sickness scuppered my plans and set me back quite a bit but after a busy month I did manage to get three paintings completed and submitted- 'Aquiescence', 'Rocket Science', and 'Washing Down'.

I will now have to wait and see how the paintings fare in the pre-selection process, where photographs of my work will be assessed and either deemed worth bringing along to be seen by a panel of selection judges at the exhibition in London, or rejected. The process is more of a pre-rejection process in reality as acceptance at this stage is no guarantee of actually being accepted in London- but saves newer artists like myself from making a completely wasted trip to London if the work is not quite at the required standard yet. The standard of work at the SEA exhibitions is incredibly high, and wall space at the exhibition limited so the odds of work being accepted are not good! You don't know until you try these things though so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and if I don't get anything in this time I'll be back to try again next year!

So, back to commissions! I'm starting a new commission in oil today, along with several pencil portraits. Original work will be taking a back seat for a while while I focus on commissioned work however I have several exciting excursions with my camera planned including Appleby Fair next weekend, and Bramham Horse Trials the weekend after- can't wait! I will be hoping to get lots of great photographs to use as reference material for future paintings.

I was busy enjoying the sunshine for much of the weekend but did manage to finally at long last get some basic background colour blocked in on the 'Gallop' painting! It is still at the ugly stage where all the colours look horrible and the painting rough, hopefully in the next few layers it will start to come together.