Friday, 26 June 2009

Young Arab

One minute I'm happy with how this one is going, the next I hate it and want to ditch it to start something else! Will I ever learn to be more patient with the rough early layers of my paintings?! Probably not!

It's a very young horse so it's quarters are quite concave at the angle it is stood at... but it doesn't look quite right even though I have compared measurements etc from my reference photographs over and over which tell me it is correct, gah!!! The composition works well in the main photo I'm working from so I'm just going to go with it for now I think. The main focal point of the painting should end up being the horse's impressive tail fanned across its back, I'm hoping that once the body of the horse is finished and the detail of the tail starts to go on it will detract from the shape... we'll see! The tail will cover more of the rump and back leg too once I finish the main body of the horse which will change the balance of its hind. Next step will be a glaze of rich brown paint to try and smooth everything out a bit ready for more detail to go on...