Saturday, 13 March 2010

Busy Week

Despite being rather quiet on here I have had a very busy week!

Last weekend I went out with my camera in the hope of getting some nice reference pictures of the Zetland Hunt to work from. I had great time watching very brave people jump very huge hedges! You can see several of my photos on my Facebook page. I then had the news that the first foal of the season had been born at the Nipna Dales Pony stud! I was thrilled to be invited to go and photograph newborn Heather's first trip out of her box, so bundled up my boys and headed over there! Got some wonderful shots and can't wait to start painting with them!! Little Heather was just beautiful, so very cute!

I'm too busy with commissions to get any original work done at all at the moment but the deadline for the Society of Equestrian Artists Annual Exhibition is looming so I'm planning to knuckle down shortly and have a last ditch attempt at trying to produce something good enough to get me in again this year. I can't decide whether or not to enter photographs of my entries for the pre-selection stage (or rather, the pre-rejection stage as I call it haha!) this year... on the one hand I won't have accurate photos of all my entries and I'd like to try and help with handing in day this year so would go to London anyway so why bother... but on the other hand six entries are allowed this year and I think I'm going to take advantage of that- if I can get feedback on six paintings at pre-selection stage I can potentially avoid spending a crippling amount on framing by just taking the one/s with the best pre-selection results. Decisions decisions...