Tuesday, 23 March 2010


New original started this weekend. 24" x 18" oil on linen, based on photographs that I took of one the eventers at Bramham Horse Trials being cooled off after an XC round last summer. The horse was a lovely dark bay with beautiful chestnutty points and a wonderful shine. All the different colours in his (or her- should really find out who the horse is!)coat caught my eye, I'm hoping they'll make for an interesting painting.

The photos I am working from are packed full of detail so I'm aiming to work in even thinner layers of paint than usual to try and capture as much as possible. So far I have just got down the first thin wash of colour blocked in. The background is a pale grey/blue with hints of the red ochre I plan to use in the painting; I plan to keep it plain I think and have this one as more of a study, but may change my mind later if the horse alone isn't strong enough to pull it off.