Sunday, 7 February 2010

'Between Chukkas, Bridlington Beach'

Hmmmm not convinced I'm going to pull this one off! But then I suppose I worry about all my paintings when they are at this messy stage?! I think that should be the foundations of the background laid. I almost always work quickly and loosely in the early stages of my paintings because a) I'm in a rush to get to the fine detail I love painting and I need a basis down first, b) I think a bit of looseness at this stage gives the painting a bit more life in the end result, and c) I am lazy and know any mistakes at this stage can easily be corrected later! From here (once dry) I'll swap my brush for a small one and start getting to grips with puddles and reflections and waves. A lot of work in this one I think! Nice to be painting something so different.