Saturday, 20 February 2010

Fine Art Scanning

This morning 12 week old Henry and I trundled 2 hrs down the A1 to Sally Mitchell Fine Arts to get two of my paintings scanned. In order to produce really good quality prints of my work in the future I need truly accurate digital copies of my paintings; so after seeking advice of other more experienced artists I decided to abandon the plan to find a pro photographer and find a proper fine art scanner instead.

The results from the Cruse scanner today are just incredible, I'm over the moon with them! If any artists out there are looking for a scanning service I honestly can't recommend the service provided at Sally Mitchell's enough.

Interesting comparing my best photograph of 'Windswept' (below) against the scan (above)- such a huge difference, and it is SO nice to be able to represent it a bit more realistically online. No photo can do any oil painting real justice though, and it was such a treat today to be able to see some beautiful original paintings by Malcolm Coward, John Trickett, and Frederick Haycock. Oh to be THAT good! - humbling and inspirational in equal measures.