Friday, 19 February 2010

Unproductive week

Thanks to my eldest, Oliver, being unwell with a nasty cold all week I have got very little done at all since the weekend. On the rare occasions I have had the opportunity to paint I have either been waaayyyyy too tired after being up administering calpol and cuddles half the night, or felt the need to opt for a large glass of wine to unwind with after his bedtime instead! Roll on the weekend!

It hasn't been an entirely wasted week though. Whilst sitting watching Finding Nemo for the trillionth time I decided it was about time I stopped moaning about being unable to get to any life drawing classes and make use of the live models I have at home everyday. So, I have pledged to sketch my children and dogs daily in a little hardback sketchbook I have. For some reason I have always found drawing people incredibly difficult and generally avoid it as far as possible- especially faces- so it came as no surprise to me that my sketches were indeed totally rubbish. I'm hoping that once my little book is full I'll be able to look back and see lots of improvement!

Poor Henry has been my main subject so far, what with generally staying still(ish) for longer than anyone else... I hope one day he can forgive me for representing him with such dreadful inaccuracy LOL! He is beautiful in real life, honest!