Tuesday, 26 January 2010


Yet to think of a title for this one so for the time being it is just 'Donkeys'.

It is oil on linen, 20" x 18" (51cm x 46cm). I plan to complete a full grisaille underpainting for this one, so I'll eventually end up with a sort of black and white version of the finished painting onto which I'll apply glazes of colour. I'm using a burnt umber mixed with a bit of ivory black, and titanium white to complete the grisaille.

So far I have applied an imprimatura to the whole canvas and have roughly started sketching in the donkey foal. Should have started on the dreaded grass in the background first really, so no doubt I'll be whinging later that I wish I had, as usual!

The great thing about working in this way as I can stop and start very easily without worrying about mixing colours up again and I'm using so few... very handy when trying to make the most of baby and toddler nap times!