Monday, 25 January 2010

Planning some prints...

I have now taken 100s (actually, probably 1000+!) of rubbish photographs of 'Windswept' and have resigned myself to the fact that, if I want an accurate digital copy of such a dark oil painting, I'm going to have to get some professional help!

I have been thinking of offering quality limited edition prints of my work for a while but to do that I need digital copies of the highest standard. So, this has given me the shove I need and I'm planning to take 'Windswept', and possibly 'Arabian Filly' down to Newark to be properly scanned with a specialist fine art scanner. Can't wait to see the results; I hope to make the journey down there in the next couple of weeks.

On a seperate note I have just joined the AAA- The Association of Animal Artists and I'm really looking forward to exhibiting with them later in the year. It's so nice to find some more opportunities to get my work in front of people in real life... even specially scanned images of oil paintings just don't look the same on a computer screen!