Saturday, 16 January 2010

'On the go' and 'Exhilaration'

Two small new original paintings started today... just the backgrounds blocked in really.

The donkey above is just 10" x 8" and a bit of a practice piece really before I paint a larger painting of the same donkey foal... if I can crack the fluffy coat well enough that is! I have wanted to paint a donkey for absolutely ages but lacked a cute enough model until recently. Driving along a few months ago I spotted a field of very scruffy looking donkeys so stopped and slightly sneakily took some shots of them! As you can see this foal was full of mischief and did a grand job of chasing his fieldmates around for me to get some interesting photographs of them all!

The painting below is the first (and possibly last!) one that I am doing based on my trip to visit the Dales ponies in the snow. I was lucky to get some beautiful action shots but I'm not sure that they are going to make the best paintings... I am going to need to work hard to get depth into it otherwise I think it is going to look like a detail-less black blob on a white background! So, with the doubts in my mind I'm keeping it a small 12" x 12", on a deep canvas.