Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Another three hours spent on this, painstakingly painting hair! I'm still working on the first layer of detailed highlights and have painted this whole layer in titanium white- once I'm finished I will apply glazes of colour over the top which will hopefully *fingers crossed* bring it all together and produce a natural looking effect ready for more detail to be added.

It's just about ready for glazing now, but having spent so much time on the hair I want to make absolutely 100% sure it's dry- daren't risk washing off all my hard work!! So, I plan to carry on working into the highlights this evening (have just started going over her neck and picking out the stronger highlights again) and waiting until tomorrow before I apply some more colour. Don't think I have ever been so nervous about applying a glaze, I just hope it gives me the effect I hope it will!

10.5 hours spent so far.